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Automatic upcut saw with circular saw blade for serial cutting of PVC and Aluminium profiles in desired angles. The operator has  the possibility to adjust the cutting speed of the saw blade via knob according to material type and size.

Cutting at fixed angles of 15° 22.5° 30° 45° 90°,  and at intermediate angles via fixing arm.
Machine has been designed according to < CE > Safety Directives.
The movable back fence enables straight and angle cutting of broad profiles.
The cutting speed can be adjusted manually according to material type.
If the protection cover is opened during the cutting operation, the saw blade moves down to its starting point automatically due to safety reasons.
After the cutting operation is finished, the saw blade moves down automatically from the top rising point.









* Aır Gun
* Conveyor
* Wolftech Saw Blade 450mm (Made ın Germany)
* User Manual


* Additional conveyor / 3 m special conveyor
* Water Cooling System
* Horizantal Clamps


- tiltable to both sides 45°-90°-45°-0° (lockable), intermediate angles possible
- vertical guide of the machining unit in hard-chromium-plated double shaft guiding
- hydro-pneumatic saw feed as well as horizontal and vertical pneumatic workpiece clamping
- Two-hand control, spraying device, maintenance unit, with water separator and pressure reducer, cleaning pistol
- including hard metal saw blade with a diam. of 450 mm

An indication of cutting width or a digital angle indication are not available for this machine.

For the cutting of aluminium profiles and vinyl profiles with a large cutting range.

Manual adjustment of intermediate angles according to scale.

To complete your production supplementary roller conveyors and length stops are optionally available.

Sawing height: 145 mm


* optionally available