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Automatic glazing bead saw designed for cutting of PVC glazing beads at 45degree ,  equipped with pneumatic clamping system and two saw blades with cutting speed adjustment. 

With our bead saws for cutting two (or optionally even four) pvc beads in an angle of 45° we developed for you two very robust and flexible machines that are easy to maintain. Additionally they convince by their price-performance ratio and optimally meet your productional requirements.
The V cutting machine as well as the glazing bead saw are equipped with two powerful three-phase motors (Made by Wolftech) each and four pneumatic clamping cylinders with white rubbered pressure pads in order to avoid dents and marks at the beads. At the guide carriage wiper rings ensure that no residuals get into the bearing and the ball bushings. This prolongs the saw`s life in your production.
Generally with both machines you can cut two beads at the same time. We even offer the option to cut four beads in one working step. This guarantees efficiency and helps to save valuable production time while the automatic feed ensures constantly high machining quality.

Machine has beedn designed according to European CE Safety Directives.
Clamping system is pneumatic, while cutting is automatic.
Cutting speed is adjustable.
After finishing the cutting operation the saw blades return to their original position automatically.


* Conveyor
* Easy Measuring Apparatus
* 2 x 300 mm Wolftech Saw Blades (Made in Germany)
* Air Gun
* User Manual

Optional Accessories

* Conveyor

- Solid metal angle frame with waste chute and adjustable feet
- Protective cover at the front and at the rear part
- Guide carriage on structural grade steel guides in linear guide bushings
- Two motors are mounted onto the carriage in an angle of 45°
- Due to the arrangement of the saw blades the profile is notched (diameter: 300mm)
- V-cut
- Stepless height adjustment of the table via a threaded rod with twist grip, the measure is readable at a scale
- 4 clamping cylinders to fix the profile
- The electric and pneumatic control corresponds to German standards and safety regulations.
- 2 clamping cylinders, vertical; 2 clamping cylinders, horizontal
- Ergonomic arrangement of operating elements from above
- Recirculating ball bushings (with scraper rings) guarantee an exact slide guide


* optionally available