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Double Head Angled Cutting Machine with circular mitre saws designed for double side, single side and straight  or angular cutting of PVC and aluminium profiles.

The left cutting head is fixed, while the right head is movable. Cutting at 45 and 90 degree angles the saw heads are tilted automatically. At 15-22.5-30 and other intermediate angles the saw  heads are adjusted manually.
The saw blade movement is hydro-pneumatically, and it is possible to adjust the movement speed of the saw blade precisely according to the material to be cut.
The number of pieces to be cut can be entered and programmed via data  input on the keypad located on the machine.



The machine is equipped with pneumatic clamps operated via low pressure, and has been designed so that both hands are occupied during the cutting operation for maximum operator’s safety. 
The movable right saw head is equipped with a pneumatic brake, which is activated automatically when starting the cutting operation to fix  the movable head.

The machine disposes about a conveyor system connected onto the movable right head.
Both cutting heads are fully guarded for maximum operator’s safety.
The cutting measurement can be adjusted precisely via digital read-out system.
The machine has been designed according to the European CE and the UL Safety Directives.

Standard Accessories

* 2 x 17” (450 mm) carbide tipped Wolftech saw blades (Made in Germany)
* Air gun
* Additional conveyor on the movable unit
* The Profile Support Apparatus
* User Manual

Optional Accessories

* Cooling System


Flexible machining…
For the machining of vinyl profiles (optionally also aluminium profiles).
The adjustment of variable cutting lengths allows a flexible production. For the processing of very short parts the machine has a centre stop that is manually operated.

Quick adjustment…
Fully automatic automotive positioning of both saw heads via rapid motion and slow motion for even quicker adjustment. Additionally, square guides and recirculating ball spindles guarantee smooth, rapid and precise travels.

Easy and safe machining…
The sawing units are pneumatically slewed. This allows a secure and stable angle support. There can be done mitre cuts from 45° to 135° or intermediate angles. The exact clamping system from the front and the downholding device from above assure easy machining.

Control with the touch panel…
The network-compatible control is equipped with a manual function menu for two-hand action (clamping/sawing). Errors and messages are immediately registered via the message and diagnosis software. The simple entry of new profiles by the help of a profile data editor allows flexible production.

Efficient production process…
For a smooth production process the profiles are fed via a lateral roller conveyor.

Optimal protection…
To protect the operator a pneumatic saw blade cover is integrated.

The machine is equipped with a chip exhaust and a label printer.

Optionally available:
- Slewing of the saw blades for angles of 20° to 135°, stepless via servo-motors
- Cutting length extension
- Further special versions according to the customers` demands

For the cutting of aluminium and uPVC profiles.

- Pneumatic saw blade feed
- Left or right saw unit manually movable
- Measurement sensing by magnetic tape
- Pneumatic outward rotation of the saw heads
  45° and 90°
- Digital display
- Horizontal profile clamping, pneum.
- Connector for an extraction unit
- End stop for minimum sizes

Optional extras:
- Central profile support
- Left or right saw unit movable by motor-drive
  with PC control
- Inward and outward rotation of the saw heads:
  45°, 90° und 135° including protective hoods
- Profile height measuring device

- Gasket clamping device
- Extraction unit
- Miscellaneous vertical clamping systems
- Roller conveyor
- Cut optimisation program
- Additional profile clamping for oddments
- End stop for tip cutting of transom profiles
- "Fixed stop", for single cut of excess lengths up to  
  2.000 mm
- Label printer
- Swarf removal in different variations
- PC control with touch screen on the machine bed
- Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed (aluminium)


* optionally available