Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery

Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery from WOLFTECH MACHINE

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Used for opening lock, grip, hinge, espagnolette slots and processes of opening canal at desired dimesions for aluminium and plastic profiles.


Powerful, solid and flexible: the water drainage routers Wolftech Machines convince by their sensational price-performance ratio and optimally meet your production requirements. Because of solid heavy guides and tempered polished shafts with recirculating ball bushings the machines are highly flexible and durable.
Due to the operator-friendly handling and maintenance, short changeover times and individual adjustments the water drainage router is an allrounder that perfectly fits in your production. All water drainage routers are equipped with powerful, high-speed cutting motors. The machining heads are freely adjustable regarding depth and height.






By Means Of The Copy Mechanism That Exist, Drills Seat For Locks, Bars, Hinges and Window Fastenings On Pvc And Aluminium Profiles.

İndependently From Copying, İt Makes Slotes İn Different Dimensions.
On The Horizontal Axis There İs A Triple Drilling System. Drilling System Has 900 Rpm Revolution Speed & Automatic Movement

Standard Accessories

* Driller Cutter
* Supporting Arrangement
* Air Gun
* User Manual 

Optional Accessories

* Additional Driller Cutter
* Special Copy Mechanism


Technical Specifications
Spindle speed 11.700 rpm
Spindle slides cemented and round guide-ways with movement along recirculating ball bearings
Horizontal vices (no. 2)
Double working pressure (more security for the operator)
Working pressure: 7 bar
Air consumption per work cycle 3 Nl
Specifications of the 3 spindle drilling unit
Drilling bit centre distance 22 mm
Oleopneumatic advance of 3 spindle drilling unit
Three-phase motor 1,1 kW (1,5 HP) – 1.500 rpm eurovoltage 230/400V - 50 Hz
Height adjustment capacity of 3 spindle drilling unit: 10 ÷ 90 mm
Rotation bit speed: 900 rpm
Copy router unit
Pneumatic tracer with double diameter selector Ø 5 e Ø 8 mm
Possibility of machining with copying jigs or mechanical stops
Tool lubrification by atomizer
Milling tool shank clamping size: from 5 to 8 mm (with pliers change)
Three-phase motor 1,1 kW(1,5 HP) - 3000 rpm eurovoltage 230/400V - 50 Hz; 275/480V - 60 Hz


* optionally available