Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery

Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery from WOLFTECH MACHINE

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Used for cleaning processes of corner and surface of the plastic profiles after welding.

- Corner cleaner with 2 axes - the Allrounder

Automatic fixing process of the clamps according to profile types      
The machine mainly applies to corner cleaning for PVC window and door. It can clean the welding seams on top and bottom surface.
The machine feeding and clamping system adopts pneumatic drive.
It has characteristics of high reliability, efficiency and easy operation.

- Specially alloyed aluminium table, strong sheet body, durable electrostatic paint       
- Pneumatic move, automatic running system       
- Feature of automatic go-back of the process to the start point        
- Secure cover switch at the back that prevents the machine running.       
- Centering system that provides the profiles fitting properly to the 45° miter       
- optionally available

Additionally you can connect or disconnect different machining units. All in all, 17 tooling positions are
available so that up to 26 individual machining units are possible with multiple tooling.

The standard tooling includes: two grooving or cutting knife units, two inside cleaning units, two drilling/milling units
and a disc cutting unit. Optionally numerous special tools are at your disposal and offer
a variety of machining possibilities: horizontal/vertical knife cutting unit as well as an inside cleaning unit
for inclined inner corners and radi (further machining units on demand).

You also can retrofit your Wolftech Machine with an automatic turning station. By the fully automatic
turning and feeding of the window frames you save time and increase your productivity. The proven turning
technology guarantees an easy turning of small and big frames with transoms and crosses and individually
fits in your production line due to the fact that you can freely choose the throughput direction.

The exchangeable disc for different contours ensures flexibility and the corresponding quick-change system saves a lot of valuable production time.

* optionally available