Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery

Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery from WOLFTECH MACHINE

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Machine Specifications

  • Main Washing Unit stainless steel

  • Stainless steel Water Tank with 2-piece heater

  • Flushing section in Main Washing Unit and Water Tank

  • Speed Adjustment on glass propulsion

  • Automatic propulsion on Entry and Exit Units’ conveyors

  • Temperature control with easy adjustable digital indicator

  • Glass Washing on Maximum Length (Up to 3 m.)

  • High sensitive brushes for washing Low-e

  • 2 – 10 mm washable glass thickness

  • Adjustable brush range

  • Warning system for “Low Level Water”

  • 5,5 kW drying fan

  • Durable conveyors against cutting and wearing out

  • Illumination Unit for showing quality on washed glasses

  • Operation direction from left to right

  • X and Y axes squarings in Profile Putting Unit automatically operate

  • Automatically double and triple glazing system

  • Pneumatic-controlled panel pressing system for homogenous pressing

  • Automatic pneumatic pressing power depends on glass dimension

  • Colorful Touch Screen PLC Control Panel

  • Automatic/Manuel operating options

  • Tilting Table Unit at the end of the line

  • Electrostatic powder paint for long-life protection

  • Electrical system is suitable for CE safety conditions


  • Operation direction from right to left

  • 6 brushes washing unit

  • INOX washing body