WOLFTECH MACHINE produces High-Tech machines for pvc & aluminum windows and doors. With our After-Sales-Service and our spareparts service we wont to achiefe a 100% satisfaction of the manufacturers of windows and doors.

Strong values. Strong performance.

In the course of our company history we have gotten to know many different quality philosophies. They all have one thing in common: the only become effective with the help of the people who work with them. Day in and day out, the people at WOLFTECH MACHİNE embrace the following for main values: analyze experiences, build up new know-how, create measurable quality and secure the high service professionalism which makes WOLFTECH MACHİNE one of a kind.

A lot of people who meet us for the first time are pleasantly surprised at the honest and fair way we deal with our clients, our long-term staff members and the practical way of our individual customer orientation. Our international partners also follow these principles as well. Because our partners around the globe are the ones who not only see to it that our machine technology is available where ever needed, but they also specialize in the thorough WOLFTECH MACHİNE production and consultation know-how regarding PVC.

From people who listen to you.

Everyone at WOLFTECH MACHİNE takes their responsibility seriously. We stand behind our products so that your production system won't let you down. We assure you that each innovative WOLFTECH MACHİNE product includes all the experiences that makes our machines amazingly effective, flexible and future-proof. We also accept our part of the responsibility to ensure a long lasting, fair and solid partnership with you.

A hold an the complete production chain.

What does a window production need the most: an effiecient process or the best technology? With WOLFTECH MACHİNE you get both. No matter whether you are a small manufacturer or highly automated industrial firm, in either case we adjust your production technology to your philosophy and your processes.
Thanks to our long-term experience you benefit from the knowledge of our experienced machine and construction engineers, our process experts, the PVC-experts of  WOLFTECH MACHİNE, competent production planners and from a high quality management team. Everyone with their feet down on the ground.